No downtime with dead simple disk space monitoring

Add a simple line to your SSH enabled user and prevent downtime.

Downtime costs money

Server down? Chances are the disk is full. Again. Be notified before that disk fills up.

1 minute deployment

Only add ONE line to your users authorized_keys file

Maximum security

No additional software needs to be installed. No need to open new ports

Regular checks

We check your servers regularly and warn you when we detect a disk filling up

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Dead simple deployment

There's not a server in the world which doesn't have SSH enabled. Simply SSH into that server and add ONE line to the authorized_keys file.

  • Works on all SSH versions
  • A regular user is enough
  • An existing user can be used
  • No code required
  • No software to keep up to date
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"I don't think I'm much of a Linux user but even I could do this!"
— Anastasia Dan - UX Board
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Maximum security

Installing software is a risk. It needs to be maintained, updated and patched. We use existing software which has been around for ages. The battle tested sshd and the venerable df. There is nothing to hack.

  • No proprietary software
  • No new updates
  • No elevated permissions required
  • No firewall modifications
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"Our ops team started complaining before I could tell them no changes to our servers are required."
— Anastasia Dan - UX Board
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Regular checks

We check the disks of your server a couple of times a day. Thus we can predict when the disk is full. AI bingo!

  • Timely alerts
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Retries when a check fails
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"No longer is the first thing what I do is check the servers."
— Anastasia Dan - UX Board

Simple, transparent pricing

Let us keep an eye on your servers so you can continue to do business.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Monitor a single server. Great to get started and no strings attached.
Features include:
  • 1 server
  • Checks every 2 hours
  • Email notifications
  • Telegram notifications
Most Popular
Noodle shop
You mean business and can now monitor up to 5 servers.
All features of Free-rider plus:
  • 5 servers
  • Email support
Mega corp
You are a part of the fabric of society, going down is not an option.
All features of Noodle shop plus:
  • 20 servers
Expecting more than 20 servers? Wow.

How does it work?

1. $ ssh

2. $ echo 'command="df --portability" ssh-ed25519 OUR_KEY' >> .ssh/authorized_keys

3. Done!